A Method for Eclipsing Component Identification

By Jonathan Devor

Harvard-Smithsonian Center For Astrophysics



o MECI paper [PS] (accepted for publication in ApJ)

o MECI poster [PPT]

o MECI package readme

o MECI package

o DEBiL: Detached Eclipsing Binary Light curve fitter

o MECI source code readme

o The source code of MECI and its utilities

MECI Examples

(The white asterisk marks the published solution.)

o FS Monocrerotis (Data from Lacy et al. 2000)

o WW Camelopardalis (Data from Lacy et al. 2002)

o BP Vulpeculae (Lacy et al. 2003)


[The WW Cam observed EB light curve (Lacy et al. 2002) with a small selection of comparison simulated light curves. Each comparison provides one point on the MECI contour plot.]

[The MECI flow chart]

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